The society has a club house, steaming-up bays, and as near as makes no difference half a mile of raised 3½” and 5” gauge track. This is one of the longest and at the same time, with some challenging gradients, one of the most interesting in the country. There are many curves and a long climb to an over-bridge where the track crosses itself, making a sort of convoluted ‘figure-8’ shape. This means there are about as many right hand curves as left which at least evens out any wheel flange wear. The curves and gradients make it unsuitable for large scale passenger hauling and so we do not routinely provide rides for the general public. This is a real driver’s challenge track and primarily for the enjoyment of members and guests.

                    Out in the long grass

The other thing to mention is that, in common with most other Model Engineering Societies, the track and the club house and all the associated facilities were built by, and are now maintained by, the members. Like many other clubs we don’t have much money and ‘do-it-yourself’ reigns supreme.

The track pre-dates home computing so here is an original survey of the layout prepared the old way on paper and scanned the modern way. That convoluted line.represents half a mile of track. It shows on Google earth but is much clearer on Bing maps satellite view.

  Track profile and gradients for the normal (clockwise) running direction. Yes that really is 1-in-53.

Views under and over the bridge

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