PME members meet at the clubhouse every Sunday afternoon throughout the year. Depending on the weather there may be locomotive running. Alternatively and as well members will be in the club house keeping warm, drinking tea, and discussing the next project, or world events, or the price of silver solder, or whatever seems important this week.


The first Saturday of each month is designated for running steam locomotives and the third Saturday for modern outline/electric. In reality there are no firm rules here and as likely as not there will be as many ‘wrong’ engines running on the ‘right’ day as ‘right’ ones. Activities start at about 10:30 am but the weather can stop play.


We have a large site and lots of track and associated surrounding grass that needs cutting in the summer, not to mention encroaching trees and brambles. This is all looked after by the members.

Wednesday mornings are nominally maintenance times but there may also be locomotives running. Friday evenings in the summer months are also maintenance times.

                                    The steaming bays and club house

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