This is the official website of the Milford Haven & District Model Engineers. Our desire for a broader county-wide appeal means that we are more commonly known as 'Pembrokeshire Model Engineers' (PME). We are a society which was started in the late 1980s by George Thomas and friends and which is still thriving today.  The object of the society is to bring together persons interested in the construction, acquisition and operation of mechanical contrivances, models of all kinds, tools, and apparatus. The society headquarters is at our clubhouse and miniature railway track behind the Milford Haven Leisure Centre. Here we meet together at least once per week throughout the year to run steam and modern image locomotives on the raised 3 ½ and 5” gauge track, discuss model engineering (or anything else of interest), and drink tea.


We are a member of the Northern Association of Model Engineers and follow their recommendations with regards to boiler testing, insurance etc.


If you are already a model engineer, or want to be, or if you just want to find out more about what is involved then read on.

Please note that all our locomotives are privately owned and are never stored in the club house.

  • More Information

    See our 'About the Hobby' page to learn a little more about model and miniature engineering

  • Something small

    A steam engine in miniature. The piston is 4mm diameter. It works and will light an LED when driving an ex wind-up torch generator.

Fire and Water
....and lubricating oil. What you need to make it go.

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